The Matilda Mae Welly Walk!

Tomorrow is a special day.

Tomorrow is the Matilda Mae Welly Walk!

It will mark nine months since Tilda passed away. Nine months since my beautiful friend Jennie had her daughter so cruelly snatched away from her.

On Sunday Tilda will have been dead longer than she was alive. This breaks my heart, and so I just cannot begin to know how this feels for Jennie and David and their Family.

Please support her by coming to the Welly Walk, or by donating to Matilda Mae’s starlight fund. Every little helps.

But tomorrow we will walk in our wellies

We will listen to storytelling

We will make Matilda Mae crafts

We will play hook a duck

We will dress up!

We will listen to Tilda’s music

We will wang wellies

We will have goes on the tombola

We will eat crepes!

We will blow bubble kisses to Tilda

And we will light sparklers in her memory

Tilda has changed so many lives, inspired, created friendships and once in a lifetime opportunities for some (me included!). Her life was too short, but Jennie has so bravely, made it matter.

I started my blog because of Tilda, and it is dedicated to her.

I jumped out of a plane to raise funds for The Lullaby Trust and in Tilda’s memory.

I even shouted Hello! to Tilda at 13,000 feet!

Tilda is now a part of our lives.

So wherever Tilda is. I will do my best to be there. That is why tomorrow, I will be at Beale Park, and I will support Jennie is making SIDS a thing of the past, by raising awareness and raising money so that there can be much needed research can be made.

Tomorrow is for you Tilda, I know you will be there, even though we will not see you.

Please help us raise awareness by tweeting #mmwellywalk and #matildamae during the day. It would be great to trend again, as we did when we skydived in her honour.

Thank you x




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