Sunny Days & Uplifted Spirits


This last week has been very busy for us. Not because we had lots of work on, or had commitments with Family and Friends particularly, but because the sun was shining and we wanted to make the most of it. Both Dave and I were itching to soak up some sun!

I really feel that the sunshine is a special kind of light, magic even! It fascinates me that even with a morning of sunshine, people’s moods react and change! Sun light induces the body to produce and use more Vitamin D which enhances mood. I think that the enhanced mood causes us to do things like go out and walk, play or try new places which create joy and laughter, which then cause the body to release endorphins which relieve pain and enhance pleasure! I have found it so much easier this last week to exercise, to eat well and to relax (with a glass jug of Pimms…)

I also think we’ve been suffering from a few holiday blues recently, we had such a great time, it was a little sad for it to end!


This last week has been a tonic to me, well to all of us. I found having Willow in December last year quite a different experience to having Gabriel in June. All the dark nights, dark mornings and grey skies have been tough, the bouts of snow, whilst on occasion fun have also been somewhat annoying and isolating at times. Don’t get me wrong, I certainly wouldn’t change a thing as it was perfect having a baby just before Christmas, but it has got me thinking about how much the weather affects both mine and my Family’s moods and wellbeing. Being able to get out and about, not worrying about coats, blankets or raincovers is great, as with a baby and a toddler, I have enough to pack and carry around!

So with our warmed and sun-lotioned skin, our uplifted moods and our serotonin happy endorphins we headed to the park for lots of picnics, walks, bike rides and of course, ice creams!

Gabriel and Willow have been full of smiles and laughter, they loved the sunshine. Gabriel even decided to remove all of his clothing by the pond at the park! It was so funny! We ventured to a new park on Sunday, which is only a few miles from home, but it was lovely and with the huge pond and playing areas it’s sure to become to become a firm favourite! Especially seen as it has a very sweet little tea room (Oh how I love a good tea room!)


Gabriel also tried his first ‘Mini Milk’ ice cream, which was a hit! We took in lots of fresh air, and everyone slept much better too. At home, we’ve eaten al fresco every night which of course Gabriel loved.
It’s so refreshing to have different surroundings on an evening rather than being stuck inside!

Fingers crossed for a lovely Summer, because we could get used to this!



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