Siblings Day!

Today is National Siblings Day! (well, so I read on Twitter anyway!)

I have two older Brothers Paul and Kev, both of whom are great friends of mine as well as siblings. I love having older Brothers. As much as we teased, fell out and fought in our younger years, these days we get on famously and often socialise together.

So, I thought I’d ‘celebrate’ Siblings Day by sharing a couple of my most favourite photographs of us. The first, I have in a frame, and have done since I was about fifteen. It really makes me smile. The clothes, the hair, the well, everything. I love it!

Here’s back then..


And here’s now!


As you can see, no major changes. I’ve lost the blouse-beads combo, Paul lost his hair, and Kev is still chilling at the back, but you know we’ve still got it. Yes?!

Happy Siblings Day!


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