Redundancy: A selection of guest posts by Daddy

So the day finally came and I have now ended my work at my current employer after being made redundant.

I have decided to put together some blogs to reflect on how I feel about everything that has happened and how I am going to make the most of this opportunity.

Just to confirm my position. I have in the context of this been very lucky. We were told of the plans for redundancy on the 26th June, there were other opportunities to apply for alternative positions, I am getting a good pay out and I have been placed on garden leave for two months.

I have had plenty of time to get used to the idea, make informed decisions and the financial side of things has been cushioned.

I want to reflect on how I feel about my career at Natwest/DLG/RBS ending after fifteen years and what work has meant to me in that time. Whilst I could talk about things I’ve done in that time, those memories are only interesting to me in reality.

When I joined Natwest I was basically still a student. I was living with my mates and going out as much as possible on £8k a year. But things change, I am now a married dad of two, with a car, a mortgage and all the other trappings of modern living. My job has been the one constant in all that time as I’ve moved cities, had children and faced all the usual challenges of being a twenty and thirty something as the 20th century became the 21st!

I have met probably thousands of people, some have become colleagues, some friends at work and some real friends that will continue to play a part in my life, and of course i’ve met some people who have had a negative effect on my life, either by design or accident.

Work has given me new skills that I have just assimilated into life. It has given me interest in things that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise and it has made me care passionately, albeit often briefly, about things that I’d never thought I’d care about (student bank accounts, total loss replacement or car number plates)

The people I’ve met have introduced me to many new and interesting ideas and perspectives and made me realise that there is so much variety to life in this counter even amongst the relatively small sub section of society that make up the modern office.

But work also had brought stress and unhappiness into my life. I’ve witnessed and been a victim of bullying, I’ve been stitched up over jobs, promotion and money. I’ve become frustrated with others attitude and careerism, and I’ve also have grown to hate office-speak!

However, my experiences are I’m sure broadly generic and the fifteen years have on the whole been positive. I will miss most of all that constant in my life of there always being the safety of going into the same employment with it’s steady income day after day, week after week, year after year….

Watch this space for updates and my feelings on my new role as a stay at home Dad, how it affects me as the redundancy becomes real, and I have no job or income!



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