Menorca Sunshine Fun!

We’ve been back home from our little break in the sun for a couple of weeks now, but I have been so busy I’ve not had the chance to share some of my favourite holidays photographs with you!

We had a fantastic week and we were really lucky with the weather too which was great! It was also nice to return back to gorgeous weather in the UK too, but typically that didn’t last long and we were soon back to the chilly weather our country loves to provide us with, this was no issue though, just adding a camisole under clothing meant keeping warm and still showing off my tan for a week or so!

The plane journey was eventful but also quite amusing however once we landed in Menorca I felt relaxed straight away! The sunshine was awesome to feel on my skin as I’ve not been abroad since we visited Mexico in 2012 – I’ve missed sunny holidays!



We stayed in an absolutely beautiful villa in Cala’n Bosch. My lovely Mum located it and it was perfect. I especially liked the outdoor eating area overlooking the pool and this is where we spent a lot of time, eating tasty lunches, chatting and drinking wine!


As soon as we arrived at the villa we decided to jump into the pool! The kids were really excited and Willow of course, ensured she was looking as stylish as possible! Throughout the week my Mum also treated the kids to various pool toys, including mini lilos and a rather cool dinghy boat!





Gabriel and Willow are normally pretty close, most likely due to their eighteen month age gap, but during the week it was lovely to see them play together a lot more. They spent a lot of their time holding hands, cuddling and announcing they were ‘best friends’. It was so so cute! They both also absolutely loved the beach especially building sand castles, playing football, paddling in the sea and of course, eating huge ice creams that melted all over them in seconds!







We ate out every night and I had some really nice meals, especially the vegetarian paella! It was especially great to spend time chatting with Mum, Mark and my Grandma over a bottle of wine in the sunshine! After each meal we were given shots of schnapps and Menorca’s herbal liqueur (I am still not sure about this stuff..) my Grandma seemed to enjoy these and certainly lives up to her nickname ‘knock em back Mary’! We also took a few selfies along the way, much to my Grandma’s amusement!






We also visited the local waterpark and had so many laughs there and those memories I will treasure forever! It was a lot of fun taking it in turns to ride on the adult slides, especially when Mark almost killed me on the double dinghy slide as we flipped over and landed awkwardly- all whilst my Mum stood on the edge of the pool laughing at us!



We had seen a few people local to the villa hiring bikes during the first few days and so when Mum and I spotted a buggy big enough for us all to ride we jumped at the chance to hire it. It was tough going with a hangover and 28 degree heat- plus who knew Cala’n Bosch was so hilly?!! But we had a lot of fun regardless. We stopped for ice cream in the afternoon which seemed to give us all enough energy to pedal home.. Until we reached a huge hill and almost crashed into the land train..




The day before we’d had a ride on said land train, we had laughed at the cyclists, so we probably deserved our comeuppance! The train was fun, not that it went anywhere in particular, just a round trip around the resort but it was something nice to do with the kids one morning!





So yeah, we all had a wonderful holiday which mostly involved eating tasty Spanish food, drinking Spanish wine, sampling ice cream flavours then burning it all off running about at the water park and cycling! The holiday really was just what we needed after the last year. The sunshine really helped me clear my head, forget about work and return home with a new outlook, especially about plans for the kids and myself. (Although I’m not sure how I’m going to convince Willow to lose the sunglasses?!!) But anyway, now we are all refreshed- we are ready to rock!





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    Looks wonderful, and like you’ve had such a great time too. Love how stylish Willow is on her way to the pool. Knock’em back Mary-just brilliant! Now if only some of that sun could make it’s way over here!! :) x

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