Me & My Girl

I used to dread Wednesdays. On Wednesdays Gabriel goes to nursery and that means since I stated out as a stay at home dad, Wednesday has meant just Willow and I at home together.

When I started out, this was the real deal of parenting. Daddy at home with a baby. I was lost what to do. I’m a man of routine and no Gabriel meant the daily routine had to change. For Willow, it meant a day without her Brother & main source of entertainment!

Our days were lead by sleeping patterns, feeds, changes and all the other stuff babies need to get through a day. We couldn’t really talk and there was little she wanted to do.

There seemed little point in going to playgroup as we’d only end up doing what we’d do at home and we were already going there at least twice a week. We tried a lot of different things but as the Winter weather grew progressively worse, our entertainment options became increasingly limited. Although, we did have some good days and nice times. We went on a shopping day to Leeds which was good fun!

I never really felt that Willow and I had a particularly strong bond. She’s so independent, she never really needed her Daddy unless she needed something doing. Our personalities are at odds with one another, (I just will never be that determined!) She was never a baby that liked having a cuddle for the sake of it, and as a Daddy, the first year is difficult anyway because you haven’t got that feeding bond.

As Willow being a baby gave way to her first birthday in December and then beyond we’ve had some long tough Wednesdays. The teething months (January and February) were particularly bad with every hour punctuated by screaming fits lasting up to 20 minutes at a time. Willow is not a little girl to calm down quickly!

We have however moved on again now and I’m enjoying my time with Willow. She’s suddenly had a huge development change. Being a baby never suited her as she’s such a determined girl and I think given the choice she’d happily skip the five years and go straight into being a school girl.

She can now walk and can communicate effectively to let you know what she wants. She has an interest in tv programmes, games and toys. She has the best sense of humour with a huge belly laugh that’s infectious.

Her legs have even grown so she can now ride a bike! All this coupled with her natural determination have turned her into a very capable young lady.

At playgroup, other Parents and carers have stated to comment on her determination and independence. She has become a bit of a star attraction! She’s learnt all the actions to the songs (the youngest smallest one to do this) and likes to interact with the kids and the parents. She spent Thursday morning, handing out musical instruments to the adults and got them to play them before having bike races with a boy called Isaac.

At home we are able to talk together, do activities, do jobs and watch television together which is nice (she LOVES Iggle Piggle)!

Through all this change, Willow’s life has become easier. She is no longer frustrated that she can’t explain or get things herself. She’s not dependent on me to get her things that she may or may not want. As a result she is a lot calmer and happier, making my job easier.

I now love my days with Willow. We have fun together and I’m so proud of her.









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    This is such a gorgeous post! Its so great to hear a dad’s perspective especially as bonding with babies is so different for them for many reasons. Its an honour to read about your journey together, thank you for sharing!
    x x

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