Just the two of us?

The last few weeks have brought many changes in the Crowtherclan household.

One of the main changes has been Gabriel’s fast growing vocabulary.

It is wonderful to be able to have a conversation with him, ask him what he wants or needs and most usefully, also find out what is wrong when he is upset!

Despite the new words and the fact that he is able to communicate with adults, what we are finding fascinating is his relationship with Willow.

Dave and I both agree that the relationship that they have with each other is the most wonderful thing in our lives.

Since first meeting Willow just like a Mother loves her Child, Gabriel has loved her. He simply adores her. He wants to be the first person she sees in a Morning, the person who passes her a dummy. He also likes to feed her yoghurt and he is more than happy to share anything at all he has with her.



He says, “Helloo Wiwow” whilst waving frantically in a morning. He kisses her and cuddles her, and bends down to talk to her like he is the ‘grown up’!

But the most fascinating aspect of their relationship is their sense of humour.

They interact with each other, and make each other laugh.

They laugh and laugh AND laugh!




Obviously Gabriel has much further developed language and communication skills, and so he is able to do certain things, specifically to make Willow laugh, such as pulling funny faces and making silly noises. It is amazing that Willow just seems to instinctively know what is funny.

They babble away to each other in their own little language and seem to be really interested and drawn to each other.

They play games, dance and roll around on the floor together. They are so tiny, yet they are so close!

They sit together and Gabriel sings ‘Row Row Wiwoo’ mimicking Row Row Row your boat!



Of course, it is not all sweetness and light.

They fight!

Willow winds Gabriel up by pulling his hair, or tickling his feet. She grabs his drink or food and babbles away in his face as he tries to watch Peppa Pig.

Gabriel sometimes gets a little rough. He dives on Willow as she plays on the floor, he pulls out her dummy and becomes a little over exuberant when trying to cuddle her when she does not want to!

They never fall out though.

They do not hold grudges.

The communicate, expressing themselves where necessary and show each other so much love.

It is in many ways, it’s the perfect relationship!


What’s interesting is that their relationship with each other is being defined by themselves only. They have no experience of relationships with others to draw upon really, apart from their relationships with us as their parents, which has a clear structure. We are in charge, and we set the boundaries.

Gabriel and Willow make the rules about their relationship. They do not know of any ‘ideals’ nor can they have a discussion about their bond. They are also too young to understand the expectation of having to get on, because they are Brother and Sister.

Their great relationship just exists.

And it is awesome!


Watching them interact with each other has made Dave and I think about the future for the Crowtherclan.

Will they always get on so well?

Will having more Children affect their relationship?

So many people say to us, three is an odd number of Children to have. That it can make things unbalanced.
However I am one of three Children, and I have always liked being so!

I think that we will have to just wait and see!

What do you think about your Children’s relationships with each other?



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