50 Things: The National Trust Project

We are very excited to be part of The National Trust bloggers project of raising awareness of their new, ’50 Things’ campaign!

The campaign focuses on fifty things that are amazing to do before a Child reaches 11 3/4 years old.

The idea is that fifty bloggers from all across the UK, along with their Children will each film one of the fifty activities recommended, and then The National Trust will use them to make a promotional video.

I jumped at the chance to become involved in this project. I love taking the Children outdoors and this project is exactly my cup of tea! Some activities on the list, wouldn’t be my first choice, but I just love that the list will provide inspiration for everyone and there is something for every Family, and every age group.

I chose to film ‘Explore a cave’ because simply, I like caves!

I decided to film the video at Holden Park, in Oakworth. It’s our local park and is VERY unique, housing grottoes and caves twining around the bowling green. It is so exciting for Children and has lots of nooks and crannies to explore too. The magical caves then open up to parkland, then into woodlands beyond.

The park has to be visited to have its distinctiveness properly appreciated, but I hope some of this description comes to life in the video!

The list of the fifty activities involved in the project, and more information can be found here:


Here is our video, hope you enjoy it.

The Crowtherclan explore a cave!



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