5 Months

Dear Willow

You are getting smarter by the day.

Well under way with your weaning now, you love your food! Your favourites are apples and carrots. You are not a fan of blueberries or cauliflower!

You seem to ‘get’ things instinctively.
Learning to eat is a breeze for you.

You can sit unaided for a few moments, and you are still slim, but very very long!

Your relationship with Gabriel grows stronger every day. On holiday you have giggled so much together!

Your feeding through the night remains unchanged. Waking me twice for milk!

You love to breastfeed, we give you a bottle occasionally but you still want milk from me as well! You straighten your back and push yourself on to me! It’s so funny to see your determination. You definitely take after me!

You love to play with your toys, especially crinkly teethers and cuddly toys like your Peppa Pig toy.

You can pull off your socks and roll over

You love to have your cheek stroked as you relax, and as you are about to fall asleep

You say ‘ello’ it’s so strange! You copy us and say it! It’s very sweet! You are very clever

You still have the curl at the front of your forehead. It’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

You no longer like to ride on the back of the pram. You like to sit on the front, which luckily has coincided with Gabriel refusing to get in the pram at all! You love to watch people go by and stare at other Children!

You’re starting to wear proper clothes now! Finally we can use some
of the clothes that hang in your wardrobe. Daddy jokes that you have more clothes than the rest of us put together, and I think there’s some truth in it!

You can be very serious, you open your eyes wide when you concentrate. You are taking everything in, I suspect that you understand more than we give you credit for.

You’ve loved this holiday. Two weeks with Daddy and I. Full attention from Gabriel too! He loves you so much, and you always have a smile for him.

You’ve especially loved all the shows and colourful characters at Butlins.

You loved lots of periods of time where you’ve just sat chilled out with Daddy and I holding our hands and playing with your loops and teethers.

You have two teeth cutting on the bottom front. It’s a sign you are getting big, something which is bittersweet for Daddy and I. We want to keep you small forever.

Love Mummy & Daddy x x











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