23 Months

Dear Gabriel

Almost two. This month we’ve seen such an amazing change in you!

You’ve changed from a toddler into a little boy! I look at you and can’t believe how much you’ve grown.

Your talking has developed so much this month. We can have conversations with you. I love that!
You tell me things. I ask you questions and you respond. It’s amazing, and makes my heart swell with pride. You sing TV programme songs, and we can hear you reading your books out loud to your teddies in your bed.

You can dance. You have great rhythm! You wiggle your hips and move your arms about energetically.

You have learned to jump and now adore playgrounds

You love stairs and have mastered climbing them

You love the Hockey Cokey

When you start a new activity, you like to suss things out first! You watch, decide and then finally have a go, if it suits you!

You are very passionate. If you like something, you love it! Your favourite things at the moment are cars, and balls, and you love both. It’s always, ‘..a car, a car!’ or, ‘ooh a ball!’

Your favourite thing is your Toddlebike. You adore it. You want to take it everywhere, so we do! Your face lights up when you see it, and you tantrum when it’s time to put it away! The sign of a loved toy!

You still love the bath and enjoy splashing your Sister!

On our holiday you’ve loved dancing, singing, trains and the amusement arcades! You’ve enjoyed your
first gamble- the 2p slots! We had so much fun!

Daddy took you to play football. It was ‘Soccer Tots’. Daddy said you liked it, you dribbled the ball, did the animal imitations and ran about wearing your ‘footie bib’. Daddy was so proud of you, and I am too.

Oh and how you have laughed when Daddy and I have had our air hockey duals! You throw your head back and ‘belly laugh’ its so, so funny!

You love soft play. You still favour the slides, but as your confidence grows, so does the slide size!

In the last month you tried your first fairground ride. It was love at first sight! We’ve been to a mini fair at home, Ilkley Carnival, Peppa Pig World & the tots fair at Butlins. You’ve made us so proud of your braveness and independence.

You like to look cool. You have a walk that is confident, generally when you know you look good! Wearing sunglasses or a smart new shirt, you are just adorable!

Your ability to understand jokes and sarcasm is wonderful. You have learned what’s funny and know exactly how to make others laugh. Your Daddy and I think that’s both endearing and an especially good trait to have.

We’re very excited for you to
be turning two soon.

Love from Mummy and Daddy x x











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