One Week to Go! #MMSkydive

About a year ago I jumped from a plane in memory of a beautiful baby girl take too soon and it was one of the best days of my life. Matilda Mae’s story has touched and changed so many lives and also created so much love in the blogging community.

The time has come again for the now annual #MMSkydive and the jump will take place next Saturday! The team are preparing themselves to fall from around 13,000 feet all in the name raising money AND awareness for the amazing Lullaby Trust.

This charity is close to my heart. They often go unrecognised, unheard of. Why? Because for some reason Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a taboo subject, and it shouldn’t be. SIDS affects three hundred babies each year in the UK and we still don’t know why. So many unanswered questions. So much unnecessary pain to parents, siblings, family members and of course friends.

The Lullaby Trust have a goal. To lower the infant death toll from SIDS to half by 2020. They can only do this through research, and this costs money. Money that must be donated, fundraised or pledged.

The #MMSkydive raised over £6000 last year. And this year we are aiming for as much, despite there being fewer jumpers. Unfortunately I have had to drop out due to my injured foot, here’s a photograph so you can offer full sympathy..


However all is not lost. I did skydive a few weeks ago for Matilda Mae and the Lullaby Trust. AND the skydive team is still strong, and I will still be supporting the team from the ground. I shall be arming myself with pink and purple cupcakes, hugs and pink fizz and doing everything I can to try and get #MMSkydive trending on Twitter like we managed last year. We’d LOVE (and very much need) your support. Yes, donations are fantastic, but we’d also love it if you can help us in other ways.

You can help us by:

Re-tweeting any #MMSkydive tweets to help us trend!

Following our new Twitter account @mmskydive and helping us find new followers!

Sharing all the content on other social media channels such as Facebook, Google + etc

Donating to encourage and support the team! You can do so here

Turning up at the airfield in Nottingham! ALL welcome! (Please ask for details if you’d like to come!)

Blogging about the event, to raise more awareness and hopefully help us raise more money!

We would very much welcome donations and here’s what your money could be spent on:

£5 could pay for an information pack to raise awareness of our safe sleep messages among young parents.

£14 could provide one hour of bereavement support from our trained telephone advisors.

£110 could train A&E staff in how best to support families when a baby dies suddenly and unexpectantly.

So please, dig deep into those pockets and support the team if you can!

I will be live tweeting photos, videos and updates from the airfield. Thank you so much for your support. Some of the team have written posts in relation to the #MMSkydive please take the time to read them below. Matilda Mae has affected each of us. Lets keep her memory alive. After all, look what love can do!


Here’s wishing the #MMSkydive team all the best. And sending last year’s team a huge thank you too!

Special thanks to Helen Braid for the Skydive logo, and Matilda Mae artwork.


The team’s posts!

Julie’s post
Lucy Y’s post
Clare’s post
Kip’s post



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    Oh no, your foot looks so painful, what did you do to it? Good luck to all the others. Will RT if I can, very busy with wedding stuff at the moment, but shall try! xx

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