The Rise of the Keyboard Warrior

This blog is not my usual choice of topic but the more I use social media, the more it is apparent that the internet is full of people who I like to call ‘keyboard warriors’

A keyboard warrior to me is a person who types, posts and comments with words that they feel they can use, because they are sat behind their keyboard.

They’re everywhere.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, blog comments, What’s App, and even in simple text messages or emails.

It’s also rife in the work place. People firing off arsey emails to others, sarcastic comments, rudely worded demands and those ‘wordy’ emails full of excuses and clever responses hit my inbox on a daily basis.

Now I adore social media and modern online technology. It’s changed my life in fact. I regularly use most social media platforms and blog. I’ve met some amazing people, many of whom I class as very good and close friends who I often turn to for support and advice. I also created a local ‘community’ from my rotation curation account for the local area, which has led to really good local networking for all, which I think is one of the best examples of how social networking should work.

I believe in choice. I believe in freedom of speech. I believe in democracy. I think the wonderful thing about social media is that anyone can use it, and use it how they like. Whether it’s to socialise ‘virtually’, learn, or perhaps spread the word about a certain topic. It’s do-able at the touch of a button.

But sadly, as with everything I guess. Social media has it’s downfalls. It’s brought the birth of the keyboard warrior. Sitting behind their laptop, computer, phone or tablet they type away arguing, trying to outsmart, amuse themselves and/or pick arguments purposely with others.

I see it daily. People sharing good, positive news. They are attacked by trolls, their motives aggressively questioned and their personal appearance ridiculed.

It’s cruel, it’s unnecessary and it’s horrid.

I am not saying do not question, enquire or challenge. I love nothing more than a good debate, engaging with others, often disagreeing with them, but I am never rude. To hurl abuse from your anonymous username (and often anonymous IP address) it’s just really sad.

Perhaps they’ve not blocked who they are.

Perhaps they’re happy for you to see their place of work or photographs of their kids.

But, can still guarantee they wouldn’t say what they’re sending right to your face.

Has modern technology turned us all into rude bastards? What on earth happened to manners, respect and decency?

I am not writing this is response to anything specific but I have in the past written blogs and often with the most popular posts where of course I have had amazing feedback, discussion and comments, I have also received nasty tweets, troll-ish comments and also green-eyed monster messages from people looking for an argument.

What surprises me is that often I have known these people. Old friends, bloggers, associates and Twitter acquaintances. I have met these people, and I know most of them wouldn’t say ‘boo to a goose’ in real life! It’s like these people seem to have a completely different persona online and they are playing some sort of odd game?!!

Why is it that people feel they can say what on earth they like if they’re sending the message via their wifi?!

I admire straight talking people, I respect others who ‘don’t care what people think’ to a certain extent, but this is a whole different situation. Keyboard warriors are totally different in real life and the virtual world, and I personally find this a pretty scary concept!

You see I have a rule. I never post, tweet, message anyone or communicate via my phone or computer using words I would never say to the recipient’s face.

Perhaps if everyone else stuck to that rule, social media would be a nicer place?

Play nice, and perhaps THINK before you press send. Just because the words aren’t spoken doesn’t mean they don’t hurt as much, and that keyboard doesn’t make you invincible.




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    I agree with the ‘don’t say something unless it’s to someone’s face’ thing. Especially as lots of bloggers meet each other at events and it all gets a bit wrong!


  2. says

    I actually hold back a lot on social media, the context in which things can be interpreted is vast so I take a back seat, hold my tongue and let others get on with it.
    Too many people see social media as a free for all to be nasty with no consequences, which is far from the truth

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