THAT New Year Blog.

This year has been eventful. But not necessarily bad. We have a lot of changes in all our lives coming in 2015 and with this will no doubt come stress, frustration and hopefully, lots more happiness. It is also the year my best friend gets married and Gabriel will start school!

2014 was kind to us all on the whole, and it will always be the year that I succeeded at work- finally finishing studying (for now) and in turn became really happy about what I am at in my career.

It was also the year that I realised how unwell suffering from stress can make you.

On a lighter note, the children have had a wonderful year. We’ve been holidays, visited many places in the UK and of course had the opportunity to attend many special ‘VIP’ blogging events and for that, I appreciate and know we have been lucky.

This blog has been left redundant many times recently. For reasons simply that I had no time to write. Family and children came first, and for the first time in months I am fine to admit that. My Klout score and my ratings on the TOTS100 have suffered, but I no longer care. I worked hard previously to climb high in the charts, I earned a very respectable Klout score and I was proud of that, I still am. But, I know now that life gets in the way. You cannot have it all; you cannot climb high and be the king of every castle. It is about choosing what’s important.

So I choose three castles.

My Children & Family
My happiness & mindfulness
My career

Blogging is important, but it is a hobby. I want to write, and diarise memories I do not want to review carpet shampoo and become stressed with the deadlines for those types of posts. I have better things to do with my time that plan a review of a plastic teapot and I genuinely do not wish to spam my blog with sponsored casino posts just to earn £60.

What I want is to write about subjects I am passionate about. General feedback to me, shows and highlights that this is when I write at my best. But this just isn’t when I write at my best- it’s when everyone writes at their best.

Writing should be about passion. It should be real, genuine and engaging.

So in 2015, I am making a pact. I shall only be writing about issues that mean a lot to me, I will only be reviewing items or days out that create memories for my children to look back at fondly, and most importantly, I will blog with integrity.

Happy New Year x


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