Willow turns ONE! Where has our baby gone?

On Friday 13th of December our baby girl turned one years old!

The last year has flown. Our Family has changed a lot in the last few months, Dave and I have changed roles, and Willow has changed lots too. She has started to walk, and talk, just where has our baby girl gone? She is now a fully fledged toddler!

We had a perfect day celebrating, and despite having a LOT of University work to do, we managed to do everything we had planned for the day. Dave and I had been struggling to decide what to do, December Birthdays are always going to be slightly more difficult but I was determined that we would celebrate like it was, well another month of the year.

We decided on soft play and some lunch, followed by cake. Willow’s most favourite things are eating, slides and cake, so it seemed the perfect choice of activities.

When we got up and presented Willow with her gifts, we’d bought the Moover pram months earlier, and so I especially was very excited to give that to her. She ripped off the paper and giggled with delight! She loved it, which was lovely as I do too. Its a beautiful pram, and I really hope Willow keeps it to pass down to her own Children.

Gabriel has also chosen a doll to go into the pram, and we also gave her one of the new Minnie’s Macaroon rag dolls. Willow threw them both into the pram and off she went!



We headed off to soft play for a few hours, running around and generally burning off excess energy on slides, cars and trampolines then it was time for some pizza! We aren’t really welcome in many restaurants these days, as with two toddlers we can make quite a lot of mess, so we opted for Pizza Hut. We had a really nice time and Willow eat a LOT of pizza and salad. There was lots of giggling and dancing with Gabriel too, then time for a small nap while I carried her to the car.


Once we returned home we placed a candle into a cupcake, lit it and sang Happy Birthday. We then gave Willow the cake and she munched her way through it, wiping a lot of it all over the sofa, but never mind, she had lots of fun! The Birthday girl then slept for three hours, so I think she’d had an enjoyable day!

Happy First Birthday Willow x




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