Today is my 32nd BIRTHDAY!

So Today is my Birthday.

I am 32 years old.

I am not quite sure how this has happened, because I still feel about 21.

The last year has been pretty life changing for me, and the main reason for this, is this blog!

I am feeling quite reflective today, thinking of the last twelve months

I have met so many fantastic people, many of whom I consider to be great friends (You know who you are)

I have been lucky enough to meet in person many of these people and have a shared experience of a skydive!

I have been humbled enough to meet and hug in person the wonderful Jennie Edspire, raising money for The Lullaby Trust in memory of her beautiful daughter, Matilda Mae. Matilda Mae was the reason I began this blog, and I will never forget the night I read Jennie’s blog learning of her death.

On my Birthday last year I was confined to my bed. I was suffering from chronic SPD being 30 weeks pregnant and really quite miserable. I used Twitter a lot, but no where the amount I do now! I very much wish I had discovered blogging back then!

Those few months were also pretty miserable for me, other than Gabriel’s lovely face of course, but I could hardly move, let alone play with him so I was overjoyed when Willow was born in December which mean the pelvic pain soon disappeared.

Willow has definitely made the Crowtherclan complete. I do not know if we will have more Children, but I think at the moment I would like to. I love being part of a four, and watching the Children interact with each other is just bewildering.



In January, Dave and I set up the Keighley People rotation curation account on Twitter which has proved successful, something that has created a little Keighley Community on Twitter which I am very proud of.

I’ve made time to bake more, something which I love to do, and in June I started the Keighley ‘branch’ of Clandestine Cake Club, something that I have wanted to do for several years. On the back of this I was offered my own column in our local paper, The Keighley News. Most of my Birthday cards are cake-related this year, perhaps this is why!

I have developed my Business into a wholesale one, and am working very hard to help it grow! I have lots of plans for Minnie’s Macaroon, so watch this space!


In May we went on a little holiday to Bournemouth, Brighton and Bognor Regis Butlins. We had a great time, and made some lovely memories, especially with the visit to Peppa Pig World!

Huge change in our household will occur this year too, starting from tomorrow. Dave will become a stay at home Daddy whilst I go out to work.

We are very lucky to have some very supportive friends, and Family.

I also know how lucky I am to have two beautiful Children, who make us giggle very single day.


In all, an eventful and memorable year.

I am already looking forward to my first blogging conference, a holiday to Florida and finishing my studies in 2014, but I wonder what my 32nd year will hold?

Right, I’m off to eat some cake!



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