#MMWellywalk : Making Tilda Proud!

After arriving at the hotel later than planned last night, I felt strangely quite relaxed about the Welly Walk.

I think the reason why, was because I knew that it would be perfect.

And it was.

The balloons, the sea of pink and purple, the beautiful setting of Beale Park, the decorations, the food and drink choices, the planning, and most importantly the LOVE.

Heather was right. In her speech at the end of the day today she mentioned how Tilda, despite having a short life had definitely known love.

I know this because I have seen it.

I saw it and felt it at the #mmskydive and I also saw and felt it today.

Jennie is an amazing lady, and her Husband David is lovely. They make a fantastic team and are great parents to Esther and William. Jennie was especially brave to speak, and to read the Children a story.

So many people love them. So many people love Tilda and it is amazing. At both events there has been an air of love and honour to Tilda and it is indescribable.

Tilda has changed so many lives, and made a huge difference to The Lullaby Trust, the blogging community and Jennie’s friends.

It is because of Tilda that I started my blog, and despite never meeting her I will never forget her. Today is a day that will always stay with me, as Tilda is a part of our lives now too.

We won some amazing prizes, we eat some delicious food, we rode the train, we played outside most of the day and looked around at all the animals and parkland.

It was perfect.

It was so wonderful to see Jennie, Susanne, Hayley, Hannah and Lucy again. It was also fantastic to meet so many other bloggers, and some of Jennie’s friends.

As we were leaving I asked Gabriel
If he had enjoyed the day. He answered ‘Yes Mummy!’ sporting a huge grin.

That’s good enough for me.

Tilda must be very, very proud.

Here’s a selection of my favourite photographs from today


















  1. says

    So lovely and such beautiful photos. I think the one of Jennie, Esther and William blowing bubbles is my favourite from the whole day.
    Reading those words at the end of the day was so hard, thank you for mentioning them – love was in abundance in Matilda’s short life and it will always be there for her. Always.
    Was so lovely to meet you too xx

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