Gabriel turns two!

The day arrived and my little boy, my first-born is now two!

We started the day with a lie in, which was lovely! Then it was breakfast of pancakes and vanilla biroche before heading off to set up the party room and await Gabriel’s guests!

We dressed Gabriel in his new Birthday t-shirt which of course was Peppa Pig related! I had also bought Dave a Daddy Pig t-shirt to wear for comedy value! They looked fab together, so cute and Gabriel loved it!

Along with the bouncy castle, we also bought Gabriel some more Julia Donaldson books, a ‘road’ rug for his cars. He is absolutely car mad at the moment and he loved it!

When we arrived at Café Hope, at Central Hall we set about decorating the room with all the Peppa Pig items and shifting the furniture around, Dave collected the helium balloons and set up the bouncy castle. The room looked great, so colourful!

We had also had to use a laundry basket to carry all the party boxes so they didn’t squash!

Next I set up the cake, and all the cupcakes and treats I had made. We were very pleased with how they looked and most importantly Gabriel loved them too.


At 11am Gabriel’s guests started to arrive, they were all armed with gift and big smiles. Outside the weather was glorious and so everyone had dressed very Summery! Willow was wearing her pretty bunting and birds party dress by Frugi. It’s definitely my favourite item of hers at the moment!

Upon arrival all the Children played together, jumping on the bouncy castle, running around chasing each other, crawling through the tubes and diving into the ball pit! They all looked to be having great fun.



At about 12pm we served the food for the Children. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and it was so sweet to see all the Children sat eating together! gparty4

After the meal we all sang Happy Birthday to Gabriel! I presented him with the Peppa Pig cake and he squealed with delight! He loved it!


Then we played Pass the Parcel. Even some of the babies played. It was so cute and lovely to watch and they ripped at the paper! Gabriel’s friend Olivia won the main prize, which was a Peppa Pig DVD.


Once we had cleaned up, and packed the car we headed home for a much deserved coffee and slice of Birthday cake! Gabriel opened all his presents. He is so lucky and has some very generous friends and Family. He just loved walking round the living room shouting ‘Oooh’ and his new clothing, books and toys!



We hope you enjoyed your Birthday little man, and I also hope you enjoyed the Peppa’s Birthday book we read before bed!

My Grandma Mary once told me that after all her Children’s Birthdays (all five of them!) she used to always ask them, ‘Now, have you had a good Birthday?’ So I asked Gabriel the very same question at the end of the day. His reply? ‘Yeeeah!’ Not entirely sure he understood the question, but I loved the answer!



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    I’m here from the Blog Hop and it was nice to stumble into a Birthday Party! How could he not have had a good day? I love the Peppa Pig theme. My kids are 6 now and they still secretly enjoy Peppa Pig (i.e., they’ll watch it on TV but not tell their friends!).

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