Gabriel is THREE!

Today our first born is three years old!

THREE! How did that happen?!

A huge happy Birthday to our little man!

Gabriel, we are so proud of you. You’re such a happy, adorable and kind person. You love to act daft and always make us smile and laugh every single day. You are polite, and it really is a pleasure to be in your company.

Gabriel was a rather tiny 6lb 10 when he was born


And now he’s a gorgeous big boy!


Gabriel’s presents this year from us have been largely Octonauts based! He requested as such, so he’s now the proud owner of all the figurines and lots of Octonauts puzzles and games!

I also took Gabriel on his first trip to London this weekend (more about this later) but we had lots of fun!

Today we have spent his Birthday at Alton Towers, in CBeebies Land. We’ve had a lovely day. Lots of rides and fun!

I’ll be writing another blog all about our day, with some video action too! But now, we’re off for some pizza and Birthday cake, as requested by the Birthday boy! We’ll also be having a small tea party on Saturday afternoon to celebrate with his friends, so we are all looking forward to that too!

Happy 3rd Birthday Gabriel!





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