First Steps

Today is a special day.

Today my very good friend Debbie’s baby girl, Ruby came into the world. Such lovely news!

And also MY baby girl did something very special.

Willow took her first steps!

Three steps towards me, slightly wobbly but three steps towards me.

It is something that I had been worried about, missing this moment.

I almost cried with relief! I saw it happen!

I watched Gabriel take his first steps. It was wonderful.Stood in between Dave and I, with us encouraging him and providing lots of praise.

But Willow did not need this praise, Willow was different.

We knew as soon as she was born that she was a determined soul. She has been very close to walking for a few months, and each day as I have left for work, it has been on my mind.

Will I miss the special moment? I knew it would have made me sad if i had done.

But, I think that Willow knew this too.

She waited.

She waited for me to be home, and it was magical. She walked towards me as I held out my hands.

I am so pleased not have to missed it!

Although there will no stopping her now, my baby is no longer a baby.

But, a new era, and some very exciting times ahead!

We are very proud of you Willow x x




  1. says

    It’s so exciting isn’t it, Sam has been doing a few steps between us/tables and chairs, and yesterday walked to the other side of the room without encouragement. Definitely a big parenting moment, glad you saw the first steps! x

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