Dear Willow, you’re TWO!

Dear Willow

Today is your birthday and you are two years old. Our baby. I say to you often, ‘Are you still my baby?’ and you always reply with the same answer. ‘No. I’m a big girl Mummy’ this makes me so proud and sad at the same time. You are actually two going on ten sometimes!

The last few years have been quite life changing for us in many ways, both individually as as whole, so you becoming two is quite a significant point in our lives. From birth you have always been a strong willed, determined and clever little girl. It was also obvious from just a few months old that you are rather like me personality wise, and looking just like me too, it really is like having a mini-me! Of course, you aren’t me at all, you are Willow! You play a very important role at home and we all adore you. You set boundaries, help build bridges when Gabriel is upset, and you are always on hand to offer a cuddle, which you somehow sense that we need sometimes. Your intuition is quite mind blowing!

At the moment, you are obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and have been for months. You drag around a 3ft tall Mickey Mouse cuddly toy around everywhere (well, almost everywhere), you insist on including him in every conversation, he sleeps in your bed and you also ensure he has a seat at the dinner table. Mickey is part of the family.


When it came to planning your birthday present and party, the theme was obvious. We have Mickey, but he needed his wife! So we have bought a matching 3ft Minnie Mouse cuddly toy. (This will be perhaps later be deemed a schoolgirl error when I’m carrying BOTH Mickey and Minnie around the supermarket..but never mind- I know that you will love it- and today is YOUR day).

The party also has a Minnie Mouse theme, as do a lot of her other presents! I have made Minnie Mouse favour boxes (Yep, a la Pinterest..) and I’m going to fill them with red polka dot sweet cones, toys, a Minnies Macaroon hat (perks of the business..) and also a lovely Minnie Mouse inspired cupcake.

We have also bought you a wendy house, some beautiful clothing and lots of new books. You will also become the proud owner of a beautiful engraved silver bracelet! With a birthday so close to Christmas it is difficult to know what to buy, and also to keep both celebrations separate, but we have done a good job I think.

As you turn two we say goodbye to your first year. You’ve changed so much, and have grown into a beautiful little girl. Your hair has remained short, although we have managed to have one cut so far! You love your clothes and like to choose what you wear. You seem to like to be comfy and so leggings and a jumper, and a coat (ALWAYS a coat) is your outfit of choice.

You now attend nursery, and after months of not being keen you love it. You like your key worker Sami and talk about her a lot at home. You are starting to make friends and your confidence is growing every day. Since being at nursery you’ve learnt so many new songs and you also like to dance. You insist we act out Ring A Roses in the kitchen just so you can pretend to sneeze and dance. It’s very cute, and you always make us laugh. Singing wise you have a huge repertoire of songs now, all of which you can sing well. It’s quite amazing how your speech has always been so developed, you are a very clever one!

You don’t like the pram anymore and haven’t done for months. Yet oddly, you want to be carried all the time! (Well a lot of the time!) you love to be close to people, cuddles, kisses and hand holds are all part of the Willow bargain, it’s wonderful. You especially love to be near your brother and you call him ‘Baby’ which we think is supposed to be Gabey. It’s adorable, and we are all so used to it now we don’t notice the error! You have a great relationship with Gabriel and you are always holding hands and cuddling. You fight, usually over a book or a toy, or who is getting out of the car first, but it’s minor spats and you are generally best friends minutes later.


You love to eat (yes, still!) and you are well known for this in all your circles. You’re also adventurous with food and I love to go out to lunch with you, so we can try new vegetarian dishes and enjoy some quality time together. Usually Fridays are Mummy and Willow day- this tends to mean shopping, coffee and cake, playgroup and the park. So far we’ve had some lovely days together, and I hope they continue. 2015 will mean we can begin ballet or swimming too, which will be fun.



Of course with your birthday being so close to Christmas, this is the talk of the house! We have decided again this year to incorporate the decorations with your birthday. We are happy to tie the two celebrations together- ish at the moment, and you seem happy with that. You tell us all about Santa coming, and how you are going to receive presents. You particularly like snowmen and reindeer and they are on your Christmas jumpers, which you insist on wearing most days too!

In short, we are very proud of the little girl you have become, and we want to wish you a very Happy Birthday Willow. We love you so very much and we hope you enjoy your party and love your presents. Dance, laugh and eat lots of cake!






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