Cute Moment Alert!

Today I’m studying. Well, I’ve been sat reading all morning, attempting to understand Women offenders and their very complicated needs within the Criminal Justice System! But, because had Dave had taken the kids to playgroup this morning it meant I had the house to myself, and I managed to get a lot done which is good!

I was bored by lunchtime, so was pleased to hear they had returned! Gabriel climbed the stairs to come and see me straight away. He was clutching something, and shouting ‘Mummy, a card!’

On further inspection, it was a brightly coloured card with feathers stuck to the front. ‘What have you got there?’ I asked him.

‘It’s a card. For Mummy’ My heart melted. He had made me a Mother’s Day card. But what was especially lovely was Dave hadn’t told him about Mother’s Day. He’d just decided to give the card to me as a present anyway.

I love it! It’s extremely sweet.

Just as I was about to give him a kiss to say thank you, he said ‘I love you Mummy’.

I may have cried.

Bizarrely, Willow then responded with, ‘I love you too’ out of no where! She is only fifteen months old. Her speech and communication skills amaze me every single day and she is certainly very clever.

It was such a lovely moment. From both of the kids.

Here’s a picture of my super cute card and Gabriel handing it to me! 20140328-134431.jpg





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