New Release Video! We HEART Quorn

If you read this blog regularly, or know me at all you will know that I am a huge Quorn fan and I have worked with the brand previously, making recipes and promoting their wonderful meat-free, low fat products, enabling people of the UK to add versatility to their meals without the guilt of animal slaughter or the faff of ensuring meat is prepared, cooked and healthy.

Quorn Foods have a fabulous Quorn YouTube Channel where you can watch all their adverts, and gain top tips or inspiration for making your favourite meals with Quorn products. You can also watch the amazing long distance champion runner Mo Farah eating his favourite Quorn foods. The YouTube video below shows him eating his most favourite chilli, made with Quorn Meat mince. Which I have to say, is one of my favourites too!

Want more protein in your diet? Protein-rich foods have long been popular with people that lead an active lifestyle. Protein, accompanied by exercise as part of a healthy lifestyle, can help you to improve muscle mass, which could help you to increase your overall strength. It can reduce the time needed to recover after a tough jog or strenuous workout, and it forms an essential part of the antibodies that keep you feeling healthy. It’s inside your hair and nails too, so eating plenty of high quality protein can leave you looking, and feeling, great.

In short, Quorn foods are a healthy source of protein, encouraging that healthy lifestyle that we all crave!

If you’ve not tried Quorn, I wholeheartedly recommend it, they taste great, look impressive and actually some of the time, it’s not entirely obvious you are not eating meat. Quorn products are great for losing weight too, especially on the Slimming World or Weight Watchers plans, where Quorn products fully compliment meals ensuring you have points of syns left for other important treats, such as chocolate or a glass of wine!

Look out on my blog for further ‘We heart Quorn’ recipes, posts and news!


If you like the sound of trying Quorn or perhaps building or simply adding to your repertoire, then you can visit for more information, recipe ideas and cooking videos. Alternatively, log onto the Quorn UK Facebook page follow @QuornFoods on Twitter and their fabulous Youtube channel too.

You can also search the hashtag #ahealthyprotein you will also find lots of useful Quorn information, tips and recipes too. Be sure to share yours!

*Disclosure: Crowtherclan were compensated by way of payment from Quorn foods for embedding the above video. All words and accompanying opinions are my own*


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