National Vegetarian Week: I Have An Announcement! A Guest Post from Kip Hakes

My first ever guest post on the blog, Kip Hakes has an announcement he wants to share with you all!

I wrote this post recently about Halal Meat, and after really thinking about it, I’ve decided..

I’m now a vegetarian.

It’s for a number of reasons really – I’ve never really been good with meat, I’ve never had that ‘caveman’ thing of ripping it off the bone with my teeth, it just makes me feel queasy. The overriding reason, above all else is – I don’t really like the idea of something dying, in, what aren’t the nicest of circumstances, to fill my tummy. If you really sit and think about where your plate of sausages, or beef burger has come from, heck even the gelatine in the Haribo sweet, it’ll turn the strongest of stomachs. I’ve lived in a state of ignorance and just not really thought about it all but the bottom line is – it’s gross.

So in the last few months, I’ve been dipping my toe into the world of meat free, picking vegetarian options while I’m out, and rustling up vegetarian meals when I’ve cooked at home, and honestly – I’VE LOVED IT.

It’s not always easy, especially when eating out to find decent vegetarian food on a menu chocker with meat dishes (especially in cheap and cheerful pubs). What I have found though has been fabulous and it’s great to try new things. I had some amazing vegetarian Thai food in Manchester, and Wagamama seem to be very vegetarian friendly too. Switching to the vegetarian curries from my local Indian have been an eye opener too, they seem to be full of more flavour and I don’t feel like I’ve eaten a load of stodge when I’ve cleared my plate. Fast food hasn’t been an issue either – the few veggie options in McDonalds are pretty good, although I think they should definitely extend their choice with Happy Meals, the ‘Carrot Sticks’ seem a bit mean.

I do still need to get a few things sussed out, especially lunches. Lunch usually was a ham or chicken sandwich and a packet of crisps. Of late it’s tended to be cheese based sandwiches, beans on toast, or perhaps noodles – I want to suss out some more exciting stuff! I also need to expand my dinner repertoire, most of the cookbooks I have to hand are very ‘meat heavy’, with only a handful of boring sounding veggie dishes. The Quorn website has been very helpful with suggestions on various ways to use it in recipes, and everything I’ve tried has been fantastic.

The vegetarian bug is taking over G and J too, G (10) has always been a big fan of vegetables, and she’s enjoyed trying Quorn, and helping me cook meals with it.

A massive positive to making the switch to vegetarian is the weight loss, I’m nearly two stone down from the start of the year, and it makes sense really considering the sheer amount of good food I’m consuming. It’s all very liberating! If you’ve ever thought of becoming a vegetarian, try it, slowly cut back, try things like Quorn instead of meat, pick vegetarian options when you’re out, it becomes second nature alarmingly quickly. It’s never too late!




  1. Marilynn1982 says

    I think what you’ve done is brilliant. As you said yourself you have always been uneasy about eating meat so becoming vegetarian makes perfect sense for you.

    That said, I don’t think it’s something I could ever do. I love meat. However, I have a particular attitude to meat consumption. I am of the belief that if you don’t feel you would be able to slaughter an animal yourself, you shouldn’t eat it. I grew up in the countryside, right on the coast. Surrounded by hunters, and farmers and fisherman. I’ve caught and killed fish. I’ve caught and killed rabbits. I’ve been present when birds and cattle have been slaughtered. I have no problem with it if it is carried out quickly and humanely.

    I think that’s the point really. Understanding the provenance of food, respecting the life of the animal. As it is, I don’t eat meat every day. I try to manage a few meat free days every week. Whether that be eating pasta/rice etc with veggies or having the odd meal with quorn (which I really like surprisingly). I do think meat is over consumed and people should take stock of what they are eating. I don’t think vegetarianism suits everyone, but I salute those who can and do choose to live meat free.


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