Our First Meeting Proved Fruitful!

Today we held the first Keighley Clandestine Cake Club meeting!  (You can read all about my involvement HERE)

The event was held at Cobbles and Clay in Haworth, Keighley. It’s a gorgeous pottery painting café on the historic and very pretty cobbled Main Street. In their stunningly beautiful café and secret garden they serve real ‘no junk-no gunk’ food, individually prepared and brought to you on our own painted crockery! It is definitely one of my most favourite cafes in the area!

The events always have a theme and today it was ‘Fruity’. As it was the first meeting I wanted to keep things simple, but with lots of scope for variety.

We had nine cakes to taste and share!


I had planned to make a lime drizzle and blueberry cake, although at the last-minute I added some lemon juice, to make more of a citrus drizzle! The cake turned out larger than expected, but it tasted nice!


Caroline made a Tennessee Peach loaf cake. Laced with Jack Daniels it was delicious, and pleasantly pungent. I loved the mint garnish so much! The cake was so moist and tasty, maybe that was from the ‘splash’ of alcohol?! How big that splash was is anyone’s guess!


Rachel made a dairy-free lemon drizzle cake using dairy-free fat and soya milk. It tasted just like a cake made with dairy products, which I found really interesting. It was lovely, Rachel did a great job. I LOVE lemon drizzle. It looked really pretty and rustic, just as Mary Berry would have liked!


Amy made a banana, cherry, honey and white chocolate cake. It was fabulous. Apparently a banana loaf is a staple in her household, so on this occasion she thought of adding more fruit… and chocolate! The gorgeous handmade bunting and lovely cake label with punched out hearts finished the cake off nicely.


Annette made two cakes, a tropical gateaux and a black forest gateaux. Both cakes were really tasty. Everyone especially LOVED the black forest! The piped cream on the top made it look very spectacular! The tropical cake was topped with a dusting of gorgeous smelling cinnamon. Annette explained that it was like a carrot cake, but without carrots…The cake was made with pineapple instead!

P1060205 P1060202

Louise made a courgette, lemon and poppy-seed cake. I love courgette so was very intrigued to try this one!  The poppy seeds added crunch and the cake was great! I also loved the handmade cake label. It was so artistic!  Louise had made it by downloading mini bunting and sticking onto a recycled card.


Tracey made a parrot cake. I’d never heard of a parrot cake before, but it was gorgeous! Topped with cream cheese and orange icing, it contained walnuts, pecans, mango and passion fruit. Tracey would have definitely won the prize for the fruitiest cake, had there been one!



Jenny made a banana cake with chocolate ganache. She had been concerned about how long the cake had taken to cook (1hour 45 minutes!) but it was perfect. I especially loved the ganache, I unexpectedly took a mouthful of that alone during the tasting and it was divine! I do love chocolate and cream though!


The event was a success. We tasted all the cakes, drank tea, chatted and then at the end, we all took pieces of each others cake home! The great thing about cake club is there is no judging or competition. It is simply just a gathering of bakers, sharing their homemade creations!

Here is the first Keighley Clandestine Cake Club photograph!


P1060201 P1060200

On my return home, there was a small boy who was waiting by the door, desperate the try some of the cakes!

If you like baking, why not see if there’s a local Clandestine Cake Club near you?

Our next event will be held in September, the theme will be Colours.

If you would like to join our club, or for more information please email me m_crowther@ymail.com



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    This looks delicious and fun. I loved to bake before I had my baby, I really think I need to start to make time to start again. You need extra calories from cake when you are breastfeeding, right? ;)

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