I’ll Be Scared of the Dinosaur Cake Mummy!

Yesterday I had a very lazy morning with Gabriel. We had some lovely cuddles, read some books and I also took the opportunity to talk to him about his Birthday, which is at the beginning of June.

Although it’s quite a few months away, I like to be organised, and I know that if we are going to hire somewhere we’ll need to get a move on and book it!

For the last few weeks I have been looking on Pinterest for ideas of themes and plans, there’s so much to see on there that at times I’ve felt overwhelmed, so I spoke to Dave about choosing a theme. At first we thought maybe ‘Cowboys’ as Gabriel loves Woody from Toy Story, but when I looked for ideas I was uninspired!

The next idea we had was a dinosaur party. I looked online and found some wonderful photographs, pictures and ideas! Yes! This would be perfect I thought, especially as Willow likes dinosaurs too.

So, I asked him. ‘Gabriel, would you like to have a dinosaur party for your Birthday?’ And he replied, ‘Yes please Mummy.. But I’ll be scared of the dinosaur cake!!!’

Well. I did not know what to say to that! So we laughed together. Not only his vocabulary amazed me, but his thought process. He is two years old and I am still shocked when he speaks to me with opinion!

Gabriel has very much a love-hate relationship with dinosaurs. He adores Peppa Pig and of course, George’s dinosaur, and he loves all his dinosaur soft toys and books. Although he does seem to have it in his head that he should in fact be scared of them, he has a few dinosaur toys that make scary noises and flash bright lights and so I think this is where the scary dinosaur stage started! Although that said, he has no trouble pushing them in Willow’s face and scaring her with them!

I decided to show Gabriel some photographs of some dinosaur cakes online. I had visions of presenting him with a cake at his party and him bursting into tears so I think it’s best I know what type of cake he would be scared of! Gabriel showed me these ideas for his cake, some of which are a little more complicated than others, so we shall see how that works out, I do love a cake challenge though…


Turns out, the smiley dinosaur kind were okay, and he also loved this dinosaur melon character, and so we’ll definitely be giving this a go, I think it’ll make a fantastic centre piece!


So, a dinosaur party it is! I think we’ll have great fun planning it because Gabriel is now old enough to choose aspects of the party himself. He has already decided that myself, Daddy, his Grandma, Willow and his best friend Alfie can be invited and I imagine he will be making lots more decisions in the coming months.

Here are a few of the ideas that he loved so far for his GABRIELOSAURUS REX 3rd Birthday Party! He’s roaring a lot already, it’s going to be a long few months!





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    Kids parties are such fun…although I may have themed my son’s 21st and Hubby’s 50th last Summer…The Theme was Bow ties are cool, and I made a James Bond Tuxedo cake with a bow tie for Hubby and a Doctor Who shirt with red braces and a bow tie for Son. They went down well

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    Fab theme, I really like the look of the green dino with sweet and choc spots, that melon is a great idea! Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming sometimes can’t it. It is really great when they can start giving some ideas and input into their party though isn’t it! x

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