Courgette & Pepper Frittatas: Weight Watchers 1pp!

I love frittata and so I decided to attempt to make some mini versions using Weight Watchers friendly ingredients, basically that are low point value, and also tasty. Something which let’s face it, low fat food can lack.

I worked out that these little frittatas are around 1-1.5 ww pro-points each. I used six eggs, and 30g vegetarian hard cheese. I chose hard cheese rather than cheddar or other cheese as I fancied a change, and I think it compliments the courgettes really well. You should be able to make sixteen mini frittatas with the recipe below, and they are good to take in lunch boxes, or freeze for a rainy day. (I never freeze them though, because they don’t last that long in my house!)

The frittatas take about twenty minutes to cook, take them out once springy on top, be careful not to over cool them as the texture will be too tough, and you won’t enjoy eating them as much!


6 eggs (fresh, good quality & free range)
1 large courgette
1 red pepper, chopped
1 yellow pepper, chopped
Handful of chestnut mushrooms
30g Vegetarian hard cheese
Fry Light cooking spray
Black pepper

Pro Points: eggs (18pp) + cheese (3pp)
21 points for 16 frittatas = 1.3pp per frittata


1. Beat the eggs together in a bowl and season.

2. Grate the courgette, blot with kitchen paper to reduce the moisture. Add to the eggs.

3. Chop the mixed peppers and mushrooms into small chunks, add to the egg mixture sprinkle some of the cheese on top of each.

4. Using a muffin tray, spray each muffin hole with Frylight and spoon in some egg mixture into each. Use another try or place the remainder to one side until later.

5. Place the tray/s into the oven and bake for approximately twenty minutes.
Once cooked, turn out onto a wire rack and enjoy hot or cold!

These frittatas are also perfect for parties, buffets and they’re so easy, kids will enjoy making them too!

Other ideas for fillings that I have made are:

Spinach & cherry tomatoes
Goats cheese & peppers
Butternut squash & feta
Mushroom & mozzarella

Basically, choose a vegetable and some cheese, and you’re probably onto a winner. Enjoy!





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