Clandestine Cake Club: Spooky Hallowe’en!

October’s Clandestine Cake Club in Keighley had a Hallowe’en theme. All the spooky bakers attended to the Coffee Stop in Crosshills, for a very lovely meeting.

We had the largest number of cakes in attendance yet, twelve cakes!! Interestingly, there was a lot of chocolate too, which was great to taste.

With the theme being Halloween, I had been very excited to see what each baker would make, and I was right to be, the standard and the variety was great.

The Coffee Stop is a very sweet and welcoming café on Main Street in Crosshills, and they opened just for us! The café specialises in flavoured coffee, and I can also vouch for the lovely cups of tea. We sat in their downstairs seating area, around the fire, the setting was perfect for the Spooky theme!

Here are the cakes!


I made a chocolate fudge graveyard. Made in a square tin, and covered in chocolate fudge icing, it was very moist! I added chocolate fingers around the edge, to look like fencing, then iced wafers with RIP and stuck them into the cake, surrounding them with crushed Cadburys twirl as the ‘mounds’ of earth. Lastly, I created a path lined with silver decorative balls and filled it with popping candy, for a spooky surprise!

Sarah made a pumpkin cake. This was both decorated as a pumpkin and also made with pumpkin. It was great! Very colourful and fun, but it also tasted really nice. Sarah told us it contained a LOT of pumpkin relative to the other ingredients, but you really could not tell. It had a similar texture to a carrot cake, and the orange icing sweetened it up perfectly.

Amy made a chocolate chip spider’s web cake. The cake was tasty and full of delicious chocolate chips. It was a nice change actually and a good idea. Amy decorated the cake in chocolate buttercream, and then iced on a spider’s web. She also decorated the stand with cobwebs (fake!) and plastic spiders. It looked great and very spooky!

Linda made a spicy bundt cake. It looked amazing and was decorated so it looked really pretty. Linda told me it is a recipe that she has been using for years, and it tasted divine. The after taste from the cake tasted just like bonfire toffee, which was from the treacle in the recipe. Just the right amount of spice! It was great. I loved the taste of this cake.


Louise a chocolate chilli spider cake. The cake was lovely and moist, and it contained chilli in the mixture. Louise covered the cake with chocolate ganache, also laced with fresh chilli. The cake was really nice, and the heat was perfect. It was like a fiery after-taste and suited the cake and the chocolate really well. Louise make the spider’s eight legs from liquorice, then presented it on the most amazing wooden display board. It looked fabulous!

Amy made a coffee coffin cake. The shape looked great, and the coffee taste was perfect. Any decorated her cake with icing ‘cobwebs’ and her lovely buttercream filled the cake. Amy placed a skull on the top of the cake for extra Hallowe’en fright! The amount of icing and buttercream was perfect for the cake, really enjoyed the flavours of this one.

Jenny made a chocolate orange pumpkin and pecan cake, decorated with a lovely, friendly pumpkin face! The cake was fruity and really nice. Jenny filled the cake with lemon curd and then used chocolate orange cream cheese icing as the topping. It was a nice combination of chocolate, fruits and pumpkin!

Steph made a chocolate Oreo grave cake. The decorative grave was made using fondant, which an added ingredient which helped the fondant set quickly. The grave looked fantastic, I was really impressed with the marble effect and the ‘earth’ type textures from the buttercream and the crushed Oreo biscuits. It tasted great too.


Tracey made a Victoria sponge sandwich cake and filled it with bright red coloured fresh cream. It was so light and easy to eat! Tracey decorated her cake using a homemade stencil which read ‘trick or treat’ and using icing sugar to decorate. It looked fabulous and I was very impressed with her stencil making! The cake was a lovely change from all the chocolate cakes we had been sampling!!! Tracey also added some very special homemade meringue ghosts, they were extremely cute!

Kate made a death by chocolate fudge cake. The cake had a middle layer of white chocolate fudge brownie inside and the whole cake was covered in ganache decorated with biscuits ‘drowning’ on the top. The cake looked so delicious and naughty! It was really moist and the different layers worked really well. A chocoholics dream cake!!

Claire made a ‘brain food’ cake. Her very own creation, which also included a surprise. This was the added gore inside the cake as pictured below. Once the cake was cut open, jam poured out of it to represent the blood inside the head! Although Claire had been worries about her cake taking a long time to cook, it certainly had a ‘ooooh’ reaction from all the fellow bakers once it was sliced open!
Claire decorated her cake with pink and white buttercream, and splashes of red food colouring, to represent blood!

Annette made a chocolate coffin cake, and whilst it was decorated with chocolate buttercream, inside was added gore. Annette had added a pie filling of apple and raspberry to the inside of the cake, to make it look like body remains inside the coffin (how disgusting, but a great idea)! Annette used plastic hands to appear to the ‘opening’ the coffin too. It looked very spooky!


We had a great afternoon at the Coffee Stop, and very much enjoyed tasting some spooky cakes!

We are looking for new members, so if you live near to Keighley and would like to join us, please email me for more information, or find your local Clandestine Cake Club at


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