Clandestine Cake Club 15.9.13

On Sunday we held our second meeting! Some of the attendees from the first meeting could not make the second, but we also had three new bakers book a place, so it meant that we had nine cakes in attendance.

I asked Christine, the lovely owner of Keighley’s craft based tea room, ‘Lavender Fields Emporium’ if we could hold our club meeting at her venue. To my delight, she said yes! I was especially excited to hear this because I felt the venue went well with the ‘Colours’ theme and I could not wait to announce the details the day before the event.

Christine and her Husband John were a great hosts, they rearranged the furniture and created a lovely space for us.
Inside their tea room, they sell local crafts, and also lots of sweets so we were surrounded by lots of lovely things!

We set out our cakes on the table and ordered our drinks. Soon we were surrounded in freshly brewed coffee and the individual tea pots with the cutest handmade tea cosies!

So then it was time to sample the cakes, here’s some photographs before we cut into them.

I made a Neon Star cake. It was chequered inside with neon colours and covered in buttercream, then topped with neon coloured sugar in the shape of stars. The chequered effect was quite time-consuming but worth it for the effect it made! I was so very relieved once I sliced the cake and saw that it had worked! I had spent a few hours cutting squares out of four different coloured cakes and hoped it had been worth it.


Lidia made a Raspberry Cake. It was delicious and looked very pretty! Lidia used raspberry puree in the icing then filled and decorated with the icing, fresh raspberries and pink sugar, it tasted very fresh and fruity, which I liked. The colour of the cake looked gorgeous, and very tempting!

Caroline made a Neopolitan Ice Cream Cake. I loved this idea, it looked just like the ice cream as Caroline has got the colours just right. Each layer was covered in its own buttercream, I especially loved the chocolate layer, it was gorgeous cake and gorgeous buttercream!


Steph made a Lemon and Lime Zebra Cake. The zebra effect was fantastic, I hadn’t seen this done before. Gaining the desired effect sounds like it takes quite a lot of patience, but it was worth it! The cake tasted lovely too, very citrusy, topped with buttercream and fondant ‘Lemons and limes’

Jenny made a blackberry Cake. It was very rustic looking and tasted delicious. Jenny had used blackberries she had grown herself, we were all so impressed! The cake contained blackberries and was really nice, AND the cream cheese and blackberry icing that topped the cake was divine!

Annette made a Whole Orange Cake. I was interested to hear that this cake was made by boiling an orange for an hour, then adding the whole thing to the cake mixture. It sounds bizarre, but it was lovely! Annette filled the cake with fresh cream and orange marmalade infused with cinnamon (found in TK MAX!) then iced a pretty pattern on the top with an orange icing.


Amy made a PINK! Cake. The cake was really pretty and smelt so amazing (I was sat right near to it!) Amy had made several cakes and coloured them different shades of pink and flavoured them with strawberry. Once we cut into the cake the layers looked great.

Louise made a Lavender Cake, which I was very pleased about, given the venue! It was such a pretty rustic looking cake! The ribbon and the sugared lavender flowers were very cute! Louise made the cake using lavender infused sugar, the flavour was delicate just as it should be with lavender and it was topped with lilac coloured icing and we all liked it a lot.
Again, Louise recycled her lovely cake label!

Linda made Chocolate Peppermint Cake. I have it on good authority that this cake is a Family tradition! The cake looked fantastic and the crystallised sugar mint leaves were fabulous! Once cut the green layers and the chocolate buttercream were to die for and the chocolate ganache covering was heavenly. Very calorific but very worth it!

Thank so much to all who came! Hope to see you at our next event which is on the 27th October at 3pm, location to be kept secret until the day before! The theme is ‘Spooky Halloween’ I cannot wait to see the cakes!

Email me to book your place!

More information on the venue can be found at
Many thanks to Christine and John for their hospitality. Pay them a visit if you are ever in the area!


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