Biting the (Nutri) Bullet

Disclaimer: This is NOT a review. I purchased the machine myself and these views are all MINE!

I have a new toy. I felt I just had to share with you the love for my new Nutribullet. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram it is likely you will have seen the photographs of the machine in all it’s glory!!

I’d first seen the Nutribullet on Twitter. Lots of colourful smoothies appeared in my timeline, along with the promise of smooth, healthy drinks to eat on the go.
Sounds good! I thought. But, I did have concerns it was just the latest fad and at £100+ I didn’t fancy wasting my money.

I did a bit of research (aka Amazon verified purchases feedback) because the Nutribullet website seemed too smoothie-maker propaganda heavy for my liking. Sure enough, lots of people seemed pleased with their machines. So I decided to bite the bullet (sorry) and purchase one for myself.

The next day it arrived. I pulled it out of the box like a child on Christmas Day wrestling with a new toy.

Minutes later we were making our first smoothie. Banana, frozen cherries, apple juice, water, plain yoghurt and a squeeze of honey. It was delicious! I was very much impressed with the power of the Nutribullet, it whipped all the ingredients up in seconds. It’s also very easy to put together, and more importantly wash!


We’ve had the Nutribullet now for about a month, and every day we have had a smoothie for breakfast. Having gone from regularly skipping breakfast to having a nutritious smoothie, I of course have noticed a huge change in my health. For one, I am less tired and have more energy. I am also snacking less during the day, and my skin, nails and hair seems nicer too.

I imagine my iron levels are through the roof considering all the spinach I have been eating (and I eat it a lot during the week too!) So for all anaemic-prone Mamas out there- get throwing some fresh spinach in your smoothies. I guarantee you will notice a difference in just a few days.

I am sleeping well, and it’s definitely helped stabilise blood sugar levels in a morning (less grumpy behaviour on the commute). However the Nutribullet website suggests that using the product can help you look younger too. Well, I’m yet to experience this miracle transformation, but I will keep you posted!



The longer we have the Nutribullet, the more ingredients we are trying because we become more daring and adventurous! So far firm favourites are mangos, spinach, banana, apples (core first!), frozen berries, cherries, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, oats, avocado, goji berries, grapes, carrots, peaches, kiwi fruit and strawberries.

Basically, any of the fruit and vegetables you have in, chuck them into the beaker, add come apple juice, water, a squeeze of honey, and mix it up! As long as you add a sweet fruit, it masks the taste of the vegetables slightly, so I always try add mango or strawberries for that reason! I also always add some almond or soya milk, just because I like the creamier texture. Avocado also makes the smoothie mega creamy, which is of course, extremely good for you too, winner!

Some tips for using your Nutribullet (learnt the hard way by me)

1. Always add water. Always. Even if it’s just a splash, otherwise your smoothie will be too thick and will resemble tar.

2. Include honey in your smoothies, it adds sweetness, and takes the edge off a vegetable-heavy smoothie, and is better for you than sugar, as it contains antioxidants.

3. Use frozen fruits, it’s ensures the smoothie is nice and chilled, especially if you are taking it on the commute or school run. Failing that, throw a few ice cubes in instead. Smoothies are much nicer, when cool. Trust me..

4. Be aware if you use ALL frozen fruit, your smoothie will resemble a witch’s cauldron when you open it at the train station..

5. Use cupboard ingredients too, as well as fresh and frozen. Seeds, oats and dried berries and apricots all work well!

6.If everyone at home wants their own travel cup, you can purchase more from the Nutribullet website.

7. For recipes, tips and ideas follow @NutribulletUK or like their page on Facebook

8. Don’t be shy. You make not be keen on kale, goji berries or perhaps avocado but just think of all the amazing vitamins and minerals you will be putting into your body! Add herbs, and chopped ginger for different taste experiences. (Yes, it really works!)

9. Ignore the colour of the smoothie. It is not important. (Sometimes is will
look vile- as long as you’ve added honey, you will be fine)

10. If you create any amazing recipes or know any that I can try, please comment below and share your Nutribullet love!

A milling blade is included with the Nutribullet, but I don’t think it’s really necessary! The main blade seems to blast the seeds or oats I add just fine!

I’d really recommend purchasing a Nutribullet, and I’m particularly looking forward to mixing up some cocktails this Christmas in it too…




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