A Very Special First Birthday Party

On the 15th December we held Willow’s Birthday party at our home. The day started out rather stressful because I stupidly had given myself little under two hours to make the Birthday cake, arrange a buffet and tidy the house!

We got there though, and we had a lovely afternoon celebrating our baby girl’s first Birthday with all our friends and Family. Unfortunately, after a slight misunderstanding about who was on camera duty, we didn’t actually take very many photographs, but here’s a selection of photographs from the day!


Gabriel insisted on wearing his frog hat for the whole party, which was hilarious because our house was full of lots of adults, toddlers and babies and it was HOT! Luckily most of the Children were able to play in the playroom and they all played so nicely together, which makes a change to them all fighting over our Little Tikes coupe car, or throwing sand everywhere!

Willow received so many lovely presents, we really do have lots of generous Family and friends. She also now has more clothes than me I think which of course, I am rather jealous of! She loved tearing the paper from her gifts and cards, and wore her Birthday Girl badge with pride. We were very proud of how much of a big girl she was all day long.

I chose a ‘woodland’ theme for the party, which meant lots of hedgehogs, toadstools, butterfies and trees as decorations. I also decorated the Christmas tree in this theme for the Kitchen, so it would all match. We had been so torn as to whether or not to incorporate Christmas into the party. Dave and I wanted to keep both occasions separate, but in the end we decided a Christmassy Birthday, is a special Birthday! So we just went for it and made the house look Christmassy too.


When it came to Willow’s Birthday cake, I’d known for ages what I wanted to make. A toadstool house! I have for the last few months, had a rather big obsession with toadstools. I am not sure why but I just love them. How hard could it be?!

I baked the sponges the night before, and placed them in the fridge (no room in the freezer) so that they would not crumb.
At this point, I’d just like to to add that if you fancy giving this cake a go, you are probably best allocating yourself more than twenty minutes to decorate it. It was quite tough going (as bakers will know) especially seen as to make any icing red, it takes a LOT of red food colouring and mixing to make a decent shade of red.

Also, trying to pile sponge on top of each other, decorate like a house and recreating a toadstool-like structure can be tricky, so take your time! The cake was slightly rough around the edges, but nothing a pallet knife and some coloured sugar balls could sort out! I was pleased with the result, having been so short on time. Willow seemed pleased with her cake and gave me a huge smile when she saw it, which was good enough for me.


For Willow’s party bags, I bought some kraft bags and printed some labels for the fronts along with a picture of a rainbow and a personalised message from Willow. I made some toadstool pegs by gluing tiny toadstools to brown pegs and used them to secure the bags. Inside I filled the bag with homemade sweet cones and pots of bubbles. We stored these in a gorgeous wicker hamper and handed them out to guests as they left, they looked very sweet all lined up!


After several hours of drinking Prosecco, eating lovely food and catching up with friends and their Children it was time to sing Happy Birthday to Willow, as per tradition my best friend Caroline made the video so sorry about the footage of the stairs prior to the singing. I did consider removing it, but decided it was quite amusing to keep.

Happy Birthday Willow! We hope you enjoyed your party.



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