4 Months

Dear Willow

Another month passes, you are four months old!

We have been very busy this Month, but so have you!

You are almost able to sit up. You sit in your Bumbo, holding your head up so proudly.

You love to watch Gabriel playing whilst sitting in it. You often try to climb out, I don’t think it will be long before you manage it!


You have so many clothes. Outfits, sleepsuits, accessories and nightwear. Who knew a four-month old baby girl needed so much?

Well of course, you don’t. But it doesn’t stop us wanting to treat you to nice things. Pretty dresses, gorgeous tights and cute Summer outfits are all waiting for you little Willow!

You suffer from Eczema. It’s not too bad, but because of this I like to dress you in Organic Cotton.

My favourite outfit is this Toby Tiger bunny applique romper. It’s so sweet. It suits you so well, and it feels so nice against your skin.


Your relationship with Gabriel fascinates us. You love each other so dearly, yet even at such young ages you know how to wind each other up. It’s quite something.

You crave attention from us if left alone for even a few minutes, letting us know you want a cuddle by a very high-pitched squeal, this annoys Gabriel! He then steals your dummy and laughs. This of course, makes you cry!


You may only be tiny (with the skinniest legs) and on the ninth centile in fact, but you are a hungry baby! You like your milk and simply cannot wait until I feed you, whether day or night you rarely go longer than a couple of hours! Your Daddy and I are very tired!

Last night we tried you with some baby rice, mixed with your milk.

I was worried you were too young. Too small.

But, you seem hungry all the time. You try to grab food from my plate. You love to watch us eat, and concentrate on Gabriel while he tucks into his toast. You even stole some garlic bread and got it to your mouth last week!

You loved the baby rice. You tried to grab the spoon and ate most of it. You are so very different to your Brother.

You are no longer the newborn baby that I still see. You are growing so fast!

We hope to wean you the baby led way, like we did your Brother.

It’s very clear you will be deciding what you eat and how much, so what other way is there for you?!




This weekend we had you Christened. It was an important day because we had you Christened in the Church that we hope will become a place that you attend regularly.

Somewhere that, no matter what happens in your life you will always feel welcome.

It is the Church that is very important to our Family. Where we all have been Christened, had First Communion, were Confirmed, attended School and also, where Family Funerals held. It is a beautiful Church.

It was a very small celebration, but we marked it by dressing you in the most gorgeous white outfit.

You looked very pretty.

You had two God Mothers. Claire and Fran. Two very good friends of ours.

Two friends who we know will always be there for you, and always look out for you.

We had a party at our house afterwards and invited lots of friends. It was a lovely afternoon. I made lots of food and also made cakes that spelt out your name!

We had helium balloons and you received so many lovely presents including a gorgeous Willow tree figure, Tooth and curl trinkets, pretty books ends, clothing and also a lovely dinner set.

We spent time playing in our playroom with all the other Children, and you watched on as they danced, sang, ate and chatted.

You were taking it all in, I know you were.





You still don’t like to sleep alone, or in your cot.

You like to lay on your play-gym, but only on your terms!

You love to watch the television.

You love to listen to the hairdryer.

You adore being sung to. If I sing nursery rhymes and lullabies to you, you talk back to me. Especially if I sing THIS lullaby to you. You love it so much.

So do I.

You also scream. Loudly!

So loud at times its frustrating!

You just do not want to be anywhere but in our arms. Facing outwards of course, so you can see what is going on all around you!

You smile and giggle at your rattles, you have just started to bite down on them. I don’t think it will be too long before you have some teeth!

I love to feed you. I love that you love to breastfeed. It makes it enjoyable, something which I never thought I would ever say, because breastfeeding does not come easy to me.

We have Wednesdays and Thursdays as Mummy and Willow days. We have our swimming lessons, go shopping, visit friends and do chores.

We also just sit and relax together. I’ll never forget these days.

You have my mouth! I love to take photographs of your face and your pout!

Your eyes sparkle when you giggle, just like Gabriels do. You look so alike.

I can’t wait to see how you will look as a toddler, then as a teenager and then as a young woman!

We are very lucky to have you in our lives.

Lots of love from Mummy x x (& Daddy) x






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