Halloween! Veggie Spooky Snacks

Halloween used to be a time of the year where I got dressed up, generally as a cat and headed out to have a few drinks at a friends party. These days however things are very different! With two very young Children I’ve found myself preparing for Halloween in a very different way, by planning some scary snacks to amuse the Children with!

I’ve had such fun! My favourite by far, (and has amused my Husband greatly) is ‘Ghost on Toast’! So easy to make but looks so effective. In fact, I don’t think I will ever look at a poached egg in quite the same way ever again!

I’ve created a few snack style items in this blog that can be used for a spooky breakfast, snack time or even a Halloween tea party! As Vegetarians, it is hard to buy ready-made snacks that don’t incorporate meat or that are (reasonably) healthy, so here is The Crowtherclan offering of such!

All the food is DEAD easy to make and FRIGHTENINGLY realistic (well, maybe!)

Ghost on Toast
Who knew a poached egg could be so scary? Add some chopped mushrooms to make eyes and a nose and it’s done! A scary breakfast, which I healthy and satisfying. Place on toast, or serve with other delicious breakfast goodies.

Witch Wedge Hand
These would make great centerpieces at a Halloween tea party! Or perhaps as a meal accompaniment. I’ve used a spicy seasoning onto wedge cut potatoes, then over baked. Arrange in the shape of a hand, and ‘paint’ on some ketchup to resemble a witches fingernails. You could also design a severed hand?

Spooky Fruit
This is the healthy dessert or snack of the day! Cut bananas in half and using a little icing (or Nutella) stick on ‘faces’ of chocolate. For the pumpkin satsumas, make a stalk using celery or chives. Let the kids help themselves, and sit back knowing they aren’t snacking on sweets!

Spider Web Houmous
Blitz a can of chickpeas, a good squeeze of lemon juice, and two cloves of garlic to make a portion of delicious houmous. Once placed in a serving bowl, use sour cream to decorate the top in the shape of a spider’s web. Serve with tortilla chips at your Halloween party.

Breadstick Broomsticks
Take some breadsticks, snap them in half and wrap around a cheese slice, cut the bottom in the shape of a brush, tie in place with some chives. Hey presto! Calcium enriched snacking!

RIP Gravestone Pizza
To make the gravestones, I used a ‘gravestone’ cookie cutter, then simply smoother in tomato puree, top with mozzarella cheese and toast under the grill. For the RIP I cut out the letters from a few mushrooms, added them to the pizzas and finished under the grill. These went down a storm at our house!

Mummy Dogs
Using veggie hot dogs, or veggie sausages wrap in strips of puff pastry (I used ready-made, much easier and just as tasty) Brush with milk or egg, pop in the oven for 20 minutes and you have a mummy dog! Decorate with mustard. Delicious!

Spider Crackers

Using cream crackers, spreadable cheese and twiglets its amazing what you can create! Be creative and get the kids involved. Use raisins to decorate!

Scardey Cat & Eggy Bread Ghost
Simply cut out the shapes you want to make, I used cookie cutters from a Halloween set I have, dip them in a beaten egg, and a pinch of cinnamon then fry in melted butter. Not the healthiest snack, but very delicious. I make these in different shapes all year round, my Children love them!

Pumpkin & Cumin Houmous
Wondering what to do with all that surplus pumpkin? Peel and seed 500g of pumpkin, then roast in the oven and leave to cool. Add the cooled pumpkin to a can of chickpeas, lemon juice, 1 tsp of cumin and two garlic cloves then blitz in a food processor.(add a little olive oil if houmous is too thick) Serve with tortilla chips at your Halloween Party!




I hope you enjoy these Veggie friendly spooky snacks

Happy Halloween!


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