Yeah..I’m Still Cool: Going Back to 1991!

After a conversation with some Twitter friends yesterday, I became aware of something that, was not only available to buy in the shops, but it was also in the sale.

That something was adult sized denim DUNGAREES! From M&S Limited Collection, priced at just £28.

Yes, it’s not 1991, I realise this, but I just had to have some. I headed to M&S today, and sure enough there they were, just hanging there, waiting for me to buy them! As soon as I saw them, I loved them and grabbed a pair to try on…


As you can see, I wasn’t quite sure. I mean, for the last two and a half years I have been dressing my Children in them (admittedly as much as possible!) so it felt odd to be suddenly be transported back to the 1990’s, to be stood there wearing dungarees almost identical to the ones I had bought from Tammy Girl when I was ten years old!

But, I kind of liked it. That time in my life reminds me of having fun, not worrying about having to dress for a particular occasion, just wearing what I wanted, when I wanted. No pressure to be fashionable, or to look slim. Just to wear comfy dungarees and go about my business!

I love dungarees, so comfy and good for any type of weather! I also love the fact that they, for kids are unisex and all the pairs that I had bought for Gabriel, Willow has also worn. So, you could argue all those expensive Boden pairs were actually SAVING MONEY too, yes?!

But I can’t talk about my love for them without mentioning Charlene from Neighbours and her wonderful dungarees. I mean, which ten year old girl did not want to BE her? When I think of adults in dungarees, I think of Kylie Minogue wearing those trademark tomboy dungarees and clearly others do too, because today two people asked me if that’s the look I was going for?!

“YES” I replied proudly, and I meant it.


Even though I am enjoying the dungarees come back, I am slightly concerned. Does this make me OFFICIALLY old? I am only thirty two, and the fact that I am starting to remember the fashions the ‘first time’ around does worry me! This is a new concept for me and I’ve been thinking about it a lot today. What’s coming next? Yin and yang choker necklaces, velvet skirts, mood rings and plastic dummies? (yeah.. remember them?!) SURELY NOT? I do hope not. I feel there’s some fashions of the nineties that need to stay in the nineties.

I remember when I started wearing platform shoes to school and wearing checked trousers as a teenager, my Mum would say to me, “Michelle I remember them last time they were in fashion…” perhaps by the time Willow is old enough to buy her own clothes dungarees will have come back into fashion again? Then I can say, “Willow I remember these twice!” making me a mega cool Mum, obviously.

But anyway, I did it. I purchased the dungarees today, and I shall wear them with pride! I think they are actually a little short in the leg and baggy on my bottom, but I do not care I love them anyway… go buy some. You know you want to. But whatever you do, do not wear with a checked shirt, the farmer look is NOT cool.



  1. says

    Haha the ultimate confidence clothes! I love them. I want them. I had all the stuff you describe, velvet hats, chokers, collottes! It is funny seeing things come round. My sister had a pair of PVC trousers which I had to peel off her when she got home haha. X

  2. says

    I am constantly traumatised by clothes shopping at the moment with this massive 90s revival. How is the 90s old enough to come back – it was only last year wasn’t it?!

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