The day I shouted Hello to Tilda at 13,000 Feet! #MMSKYDIVE

As soon as I woke this morning I was very emotional. I cried tears for a baby girl I never met, but also a baby girl who has been responsible for changing my life in so many amazing ways. My blog is dedicated to Tilda, I wanted to make her proud. Today we were jumping from a plane in Matilda Mae’s Memory, and it HAD to be perfect.


The beautiful Tilda

We arrived at the airfield at 0830am, and were told it would be a couple of hours wait before the jump.
The skies were cloudy, but we knew we would be jumping, it was so exciting, yet nerve-racking at the same time!

We chatted, had our briefing and prepared ourselves for the jump.



We divided into three planes;

1. Sarah, Julie & Hazel
2. Susanne, Vicx & Antoine (Mr Mum on the Brink)
3. Me, Hayley & Rachel

Vicx stuck to her word, having hit her sponsorship target she allowed us to cut her waist length hair into a short bob! It was very scary for her but she dealt with it fantastically!


The waiting for the skydive didn’t last long, and soon we were called!


We suited up and listened to the plan from the instructor, we posed for a few photos and then had a HUGE hug with Jennie (and maybe a few more tears) I was very emotional, and I was not the only one!


None of us could get our words out, but it did not matter, we all knew what we were thinking, this was about our friend Jennie and Tilda, we wanted to try to make a difference.

Then we each headed to the airfield we blew bubbles for Tilda just as we had promised.

We boarded the plane and took the fifteen minute journey up into the sky. Once at 13,000 feet I was tightly strapped up to my instructor, had goggles tightly placed over my head, and before I knew it I was being dangled over the edge of the plane, rocking to gain momentum before we launched off the edge sideways, somersaulting through the blue and amazingly fresh feeling skies.

Before we left the plane, my instructor told me, ‘It helps to shout as you leave the plane because it forces you to inhale before the freefall kicks in, when breathing is more difficult’ There was only thing I could think to shout, the only thing that was on my mind.


‘Hi TILDAAAAA’ I shouted screamed!



It worked. I could breathe, and gosh it felt good!

There really isn’t a way to describe the feeling of a skydive, and I am guessing everyone’s experience will be slightly different. But for me, it was the feeling of falling and tumbling very quickly, then it turned into an amazing flying sensation.

It was like being free

Being absolutely weightless

And being at peace

The clouds and the horizon were beautiful

We fell through white clouds, dark clouds and clear skies

I forgot the instructor was attached to me, it was like visiting another world

There was a lot of wind, but it felt different to wind we usually feel

It felt colder, cleaner and inhaling it into my lungs felt amazing

I could hardly move my arms but I waved at the camera, I could not help but smile!

I felt like an eternity, but free-fall was only about sixty seconds!


Then, a HUGE tug.

Back to the reality of where I was, who I was strapped to!

We flipped upright, flying back up high, but in a much more serene, and calmer way

We floated through more clouds and then the ground became clearer

I could see the team on the ground, I could see my Husband!

I began to wave, kick my legs about and shout! I was on an absolute high!

The instructor laughed and laughed at my excitement, letting me choose the direction, speed and turns!

Within a few more minutes we started to turn for landing, we did with ease

I was on the ground.

Then it hit me, I’ve just done a SKYDIVE!

And for the most AMAZING reasons. Raising money and awareness for The Lullaby Trust, and also in memory of a beautiful baby girl

A wonderful day, with wonderful people.


Thank you to all that made it possible, thank you to those who supported us from the ground, making cakes, supplying pink refreshments (and reassurance!) AND all the helpers on Twitter who made us TREND!
Something which we hoped so much would happen!

Thank you to Premier Inn for the discounted hotel rooms and to Chris at TWOTEN (Who make the internet safer for kids- have a look!) for the sponsorship and also for the pink champagne which was a lovely, kind and thoughtful gesture.


But most of all, to Jennie it has been such an amazing day, you were so brave and are such an inspirational lady, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to do this in the memory of Tilda x x x

Here’s the video from my Skydive. It’s very funny, my face as I leave the plane is hilarious!

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  1. says

    You are all just so amazing, you have made me cry both reading and watching this. I was so happy to see MMskydive trend yesterday. Proud of you all. X

  2. says

    Amazing post! I bet the wait was nerve wrecking before you headed off. Such a fantastic achievement on a personally level and as a team to raise so much awareness and money. Well done to you all, very brave!
    What brilliant photos you have, and video-will be good to show your children and I am sure it will be something they will tell their kids in the future! xx

  3. says

    Absolutely fantastic! Well done you, such a brave thing to do for such a lovely cause =] Gave me goosebumps watching that video, you must be so proud of yourself! Well done to everyone else that was there and helped =] xxx

  4. says

    you are truely amazing my lovely i have so much resepect for you and everyone else that achieved this amazing feat!

    Thank you for sharing and linking up with #MagicMoments


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