How to Improve Your Monday

The Boomtown Rats sang that they didn’t like Mondays. Well, along with probably 99% of the nation, I fully concur.

I really hate them.

In fact, the dread for Mondays tends to kick in at about 4pm on a Sunday afternoon, smacking me in the face and often ruining my relaxed mood.

I never used to dislike Mondays. It isn’t as if I don’t like my job; I do. For me, it just means another week of commuting on packed trains, opening up the hundreds of emails that have landed in my inbox, and opening up my ‘to-do’ list book. It’s the feeling that the weekend is so far away, my only real quality time with my kids at the moment, and this makes me really sad. I also hate the fact that, with my job especially I never quite know what I am ‘going into’ that’s the biggest fear!

So here it is. Monday morning. Again.
But, today is different. Today I decided to make one change, that would hopefully ensure a better day.

I got out of bed an hour earlier than usual.

I read the tip on Twitter last week. I appeared in my timeline and I took it as a sign that although it would be tough, it could perhaps make the week that bit easier. Yes it meant less sleep, but perhaps it would mean less rushing, and in turn, result in a pretty chilled morning.

Despite Gabriel climbing into the bed at 1am after a bad dream, resulting in a night of being kicked, and having to share my pillow, it worked. The alarm went off at the ridiculous hour. But I got up and leisurely got myself ready for work. I was able to pack my bag, choose an outfit (rather than just grabbing the nearest thing from the wardrobe), straighten my hair which usually gets scraped into a bun or clip, and I also had time to plan my lunch, tidy up and for once we didn’t rush out of the house bickering about who was going to miss their train, and take the kids into nursery!

So it worked. I don’t feel any more tired than usual, and last night wasn’t filled with dread. In fact, I’m feeling good. I’ve been sat on the train to work feeling positive about the week. I have had my Nutribullet smoothie for breakfast and felt I could say goodbye to the kids properly for a change, which was lovely.

On arrival into Bradford, I was earlier than normal because I managed to catch an earlier train. So I’m currently
in Nero having my latte sat inside rather than as a takeaway necked as I walked across the city, dodging traffic and scolding my mouth!

I’m not in a rush, and I’ve had time to take in the morning. I think I will do this every week from now on! It may seem like a simple and common sense approach, but I suppose like all magnificent things, simplicity is key, don’t make things more complicated, especially on a Monday..

Hate Mondays too? Get up an hour earlier. It may just improve your week.



  1. says

    I actually got up half an hour earlier this morning and I have felt better for it….I just woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep…..Mondays don’t seem that bad when you have a little extra time x

  2. says

    Fabulous! I often find if I get up with my husband that things just seem to happen easier! It’s weird, I should do it more but I don’t as I would live in my bed if I could haha!

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