Cakes & more cakes!

So this weekend I have been busy baking cupcakes for a friend’s little boy’s Christening & a first Birthday cake.

I was slightly nervous about the cake, I decided to make it in the shape of a number 1. I have never done this before, and although I bake regularly I am by no means an expert!
I started by making the cake mixture and baking it in a roaster tin (after much debate!) But it worked well. I then drew a no 1 on a piece of A4 paper (well, ok it was my BT phone bill)! and cut the cake carefully around it. It was a tense few moments but I wa pretty happy with the shape!

As the cake was for a little girl I decided to make sugarpaste hearts, big and small to decorate it & add some colour. Her name is MYLA and so I added her name to go down the No 1 shape to add personalisation.

All in all, I think it worked well, would definitely freeze the cake next time though before icing, as it did crumble slightly after it has been cut into shape!

I also made 48 cupcakes for the Christening, in order to keep things personalised I made sugarpaste stars and a large, ‘LEO’ to decorate the top of three cupcakes to stand at the top of the tower. I added a touch of sparkle spray to the sugarpaste to make it gleam and it worked well!

I was also very excited to find two large cupcake carrier boxes on Ebay which meant transporting them was a breeze! An absolute bargain for £3 for two!

I will most definitely be reusing them!

It was a lovely day & the cakes went down a treat- a successful bake!











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